About /'kwench/

/'kwench/ & myPerks help companies enhance their employee value proposition by providing an end-to-end, innovative products & solutions that manages their employee engagement initiatives.  /'kwench/ is India's largest corporate library services platform & myPerks is the next generation employee engagement, social recognition, collaboration and rewards management platform.

/'kwench/ is currently serving 300+ Indian corporates and 200,000+ of their employees through its bouquet of services. Companies that use services from /'kwench/ have better employee satisfaction levels as compared to others.  The recently published results of ‘best companies to work’ survey shows that 18 of the top 50 and 32 of the top 100 companies listed as the best places to work are /'kwench/ clients. /'kwench/ is funded by Indian Angel Network (IAN) and Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).

Health and Wellness

Stress, a bad diet and lack of exercise can lead to chronic diseases like depression and hypertension. These diseases contribute to lower productivity, increase in days of work missed and an increase in health-related expenses for employees and employers.

Kfit, combines social, technology and analytics to help companies improve the health and wellness of their employees – at the workplace and beyond.

Health ATM

A unique ATM for on-premise diagnostics and tele-medicine which reduces the inertia to do regular check-ups and also reduces time and cost in consulting specialists.



Kfit uses the power of gamification to keep users on track to meet their health goals. Various challenges, organization wide virtual treks, quests et. al., keep users engaged for longer to bring about positive behavioural change.

Patented Smart Devices

The kfit platform integrates with several smart devices – like the kStep pedometer and the Koaster water consumption tracker to help users stick to their targets.



Users get access to exclusive content that helps them to relax, learn more about health issues and prevention and also regular mailers on various health related topics from experts.


kfit clients get access to regular on-site events where experts in various fields like nutrition, cardiology, yoga, gynaecology etc. come and conduct sessions and talks.


Analytics and Administration

Client administrators can track the participation and engagement across the organization using advanced analytics. They can setup and plan for events and campaigns using the administrator console.